My name is Anna and I’ve been writing for as long as I could hold a writing implement in my hands. I have a B.A in English with a Concentration in Creative Writing. Currently, I am working one on one with college students daily in an academic setting. Because of my extensive experience with academic papers, I am well versed in the mechanics of grammar, syntax and structure.



I have worked as a freelance editor for over three years on various video game scripts and creative projects. This includes Cafe Memoria Deux, a visual novel currently in development.



In my spare time I develop video games. I am the creative director and writer of my own indie game startup company (LegendEx Games) that focuses on interactive fiction. Therefore, I am familiar with not only linear prose but also branching narratives. I have substantial experience writing creatively, having written over 150,000 original words combined for my own video game scripts. On top of that, I am constantly writing fiction pieces for personal projects. I have also dabbled in memoir writing.


I have written for the video game blog, SheAttack.com, where I focused mostly on opinion pieces analyzing trends in some of today’s most popular games. I also wrote game reviews for the website.



My interests lie heavily in creative fiction and nonfiction, as well as anything video game related. Though, I also have a passion for editing and am more than happy to take a look at anything you need help with, regardless of the subject matter.



For samples of my work, feel free to navigate the pages I’ve set up. Thank you for considering me.